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All Hands In


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From everyday occurrences such as behaviour, to critical emergencies, ensure your schools can respond effectively to any incident whilst maintaining the safety of your pupils and staff. 

teamSOS makes school incident management and reporting simple.

In or out of hours, on or off-site, immediate notifications ensure your support teams are promptly informed and incidents prioritised. Instant updates are communicated back to school staff for reassurance. 

teamSOS ensures your staff are equipped to follow the right procedure during an incident, and all-staff announcements enable mass-communication in an emergency.

With real-time visibility, senior leaders are provided with a school or MAT wide view of incidents, with the ability to support and join the conversations as they happen. This oversight also gives leaders the data to identify patterns and priorities, and target support where it’s needed.

And now with its integration with SIMS, teamSOS can be directly launched from within SIMS or via the teamSOS response app. All behaviour incidents are automatically captured and written back to SIMS, removing any inconstancies in reporting and the admin burden for your staff.

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