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MIS Support

Supporting SIMS, Arbor, Compass and Bromcom we pride ourselves on giving schools the choice to use the MIS that best serves them as a school

Our team is fully accredited and can offer comprehensive support, training and troubleshooting for, Arbor, Bromcom and Compass. With a number of experts on hand to not only resolve any problems or queries but to also guide you to optimise your MIS system.  Unlimited support calls to our service desk, access to the knowledge base, unlimited training both remotely and within our training suite to cover all modules.

Choosing from Base support for all your functional support needs or choose BasePlus+ support for an all encompassing support package.


The SIPS IT Accredited MIS team provide comprehensive advice and support covering the suite SIMS, Arbor, Bromcom and Compass modules.

  • SIPS IT help your staff understand the power of MIS and use it efficiently and effectively

  • Support is unlimited: telephone, email, remote access support and on-site visits as needed

  • Access to an extensive range of onsite training courses including bespoke 1-1 training in a dedicated training room

  • Dedicated finance team who will provide Accredited support for FMS, Access Education Finance and Budgeting software and Bromcom Finance

  • Approved training provider for safeguarding software

  • Support for private fund solutions

  • You can be confident that help is on hand when needed

  • All the services outlined above are inclusive to your Service Specification

Support and Advice

Are you considering changing MIS provider?

At SIPS IT we can help you find the right MIS for your school. 

How can we help?


  • We can help arrange demonstrations

  • We can work with you prior to the migration to ensure your current data is in the best possible condition to migrate to your new MIS

  • We can offer training in the new MIS in the term prior to migrating


Training Services

An extensive range of courses available to support your MIS and school needs.

Courses are available both in our inhouse training room or online via teams.

We will shortly be offering self-paced web based learning, to support specific job roles within schools. 

Consultancy Services

We offer a full range of consultancy to support schools.

Covering all aspects of MIS support, from complex bespoke report writing to timetabling, assessment to MAT training. We work with schools to deliver their desired outcomes.

Covering all aspects of technical support, From the setting up of laptops to an Office 365 Migration to a new WiFi Network or a Digital Transformation. One of our experienced Project managers will visit your school, scope the project and offer you advice and guidance to and manage the delivery of the project from the initiation to completion.  

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