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Business Support

As well as a full MIS support service, SIPS are focussed on providing further tools and services that can improve the overall effectiveness of your school office.

We also look to providing services that can help ease the workload of the Senior Team and that enhance overall visibility and understanding of your school data.

  • SLT AI - Developed by a Head Teacher specifically to improve and reduce workload.

  • Single Central Record - Tools to assist in the accurate completion and validation of the SCR.

  • Safeguarding - Tools, audits and support to identify and improve all areas of safeguarding.

  • Training - Timely courses to support statutory returns, as well as bespoke training for your school

  • Consultancy - Expert team to provide tailored solutions 

  • Project Management - Technical and migration projects managed from start to completion.

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Consultancy Services

We offer a full range of consultancy to support schools.

Covering all aspects of MIS support, from complex bespoke report writing to timetabling, assessment to MAT training. We work with schools to deliver their desired outcomes.

Covering all aspects of technical support, From the setting up of laptops to an Office 365 Migration to a new WiFi Network or a Digital Transformation. One of our experienced Project managers will visit your school, scope the project and offer you advice and guidance to and manage the delivery of the project from the initiation to completion.  


Single Central Record

Ensure the safety and compliance of your school with SIPS' Single Central Record (SCR) Dashboard.

Our service leverages data from your school's MIS to efficiently manage and validate the SCR,

The SCR is a crucial document that tracks identity checks, qualifications, right-to-work status, and criminal record checks for all staff and volunteers.

Regularly updated and audited, the SCR is essential for safeguarding children and maintaining a secure learning environment.

This reporting tool has been devised, from feedback from end users and Ofsted inspectors and assists schools by

  • streamlining the process,

  • enhancing compliance visibility across all staff,

  • contribute to the overall safety of your school.


Trust SIPS to streamline your SCR management, ensuring accuracy and compliance with safeguarding requirements.

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